Cleary Canines  including Puppy School Bristol

Positive, Fun, Reward Based Puppy & Pet Dog Training

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Family Friendly, Qualified and Experienced Tutor


Classes at:

The Stokes, Little Stoke Lane, Little Stoke BS34 6HY

The Batch, Park Road, Warmley BS30 8EB

Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, St George BS5 8QS

or in your own home


Cleary Canines aims to provide owners with the tools to work with their dogs in a positive and rewarding way, have fun and learn new tricks whatever the age of the dog, or owner!

There are classes for all stages of your dog’s life, and I welcome families to attend where possible so everyone can work with their dog together. For dogs not ready to join classes, there are one-to-one training and behaviour sessions.


If I can help in any way, please do get in touch.

Michelle Cleary

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We are back!



Warmley - Tuesday 1st September - 7pm

Little Stoke - Saturday 17th September - 6pm

Little Stoke - Thursday 1st October - 7pm

Little Stoke - Saturday 10th October - 8.45am

Warmley - Tuesday 13th October - 6.45pm


PAW AWARDS! Follow on classes

Little Stoke - Thursday 1st October - 8pm


HOOPERS! (Little Stoke)

Have a go sessions - Tuesday 6pm


WORKSHOPS! (Little Stoke)

Come Back! Recall workshop - Sat 5th September 1pm

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